Visit by our team members from Stanford


Last week our team members from Stanford visited us in Mannheim. So we were able to work with the whole team in one place 🙂 . We started on Monday with a joint breakfast and a campus tour. We updated each other and gave our Stanford friends the opportunity to test the HoloLens.

In the afternoon and early evening we were provided a converging workshop by our teaching team as is shown by the following picture.




Afterwards we visited the Wasserturm, went down the shopping lane and ate in an italian restaurant.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

The next day we were busy preparing the presentation. In the evening we relaxed having a meal at a restaurant in Mannheim. This was sponsored by our university. Thank you!

On Wednesday we finished our presentation preparations, held the presentation at SAP and went afterwards to Heidelberg.
There we did some very intense sightseeing,


strived for new perspectives,


got inspired and implemented new behaviour (Jeremy modeled himself on the ghost of Heidelberg),


but never forgot to be sexy.


And of course we always have a plan B. For example a career as male model.

Although the weather was very rainy we really enjoyed the trip.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

On the last day we set up the hunting plan for the Spring Quarter. We included official delivery dates, internal dates and the tasks that have to be done.


To our Stanford teammates: Thanks for visiting us! We loved to have you here and enjoyed spending free and working time with you! See you soon 😉


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