Visit by our team members from Stanford


Last week our team members from Stanford visited us in Mannheim. So we were able to work with the whole team in one place 🙂 . We started on Monday with a joint breakfast and a campus tour. We updated each other and gave our Stanford friends the opportunity to test the HoloLens.

In the afternoon and early evening we were provided a converging workshop by our teaching team as is shown by the following picture.




Afterwards we visited the Wasserturm, went down the shopping lane and ate in an italian restaurant.

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The next day we were busy preparing the presentation. In the evening we relaxed having a meal at a restaurant in Mannheim. This was sponsored by our university. Thank you!

On Wednesday we finished our presentation preparations, held the presentation at SAP and went afterwards to Heidelberg.
There we did some very intense sightseeing,


strived for new perspectives,


got inspired and implemented new behaviour (Jeremy modeled himself on the ghost of Heidelberg),


but never forgot to be sexy.


And of course we always have a plan B. For example a career as male model.

Although the weather was very rainy we really enjoyed the trip.

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On the last day we set up the hunting plan for the Spring Quarter. We included official delivery dates, internal dates and the tasks that have to be done.


To our Stanford teammates: Thanks for visiting us! We loved to have you here and enjoyed spending free and working time with you! See you soon 😉

Logimat visit

Yesterday we visited the Logimat in Stuttgart. The Logimat is a big international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management. In advance we created a timetable for when to hear which presentation but being there, seeing all the interesting booths and having interesting conversations we decided to give up the plan and spend more time with talking to people.

We tested VR glasses and collected information about pneumatic tubes, role manufacturing, secure storing and we got feedback to our ideas.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much information about the return process. We didn’t see the topic written down even once. Nevertheless we got lots of new information 🙂 .


Winter Presentation in Karlsruhe

On 12th of March we took part at the winter presentation event at the ZKM in Karlsruhe organized by the KIT. We really liked the location. The eighteen participating teams presented their projects in a two minute pitch and afterwards in their booths.

The pitch went well and at our booth we were able to collect lots of useful feedback. The visitors liked the idea of using the Hololense to improve the return process and they really liked testing it at our booth 😉 . Even better feedback earned our ideas about reusable transport boxes and a platform for direct forwarding of return goods to the next customer.

Also really nice was all the inspiration that we got from the seventeen other presentations and booths. Today we collected all these impressions so that we have a bigger portfolio we can draw from to create a great final presentation and a great final solution.

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Warehouse visits @FIEGE

We had the opportunity to visit two more warehouses. This time we visited FIEGE Logistik in Worms. FIEGE has in Worms two very different warehouses.

We saw a lot of things and the visits were very versatile. Also the meeting some days later was very helpful. We got a lot of new information that really helped us to define the next steps.

Thank you FIEGE for taking the time!

Funky System Prototype

Funk-tional System Prototype

What is a Funktional Prototype?

A FUNKtional prototype is one for which existing parts have been hacked and brought together in a manner that approximates a system without making a costly commitment to any one configuration, technology, or geometry. It is a low-commitment, rapidly assembled, concept prototype that still allows for objective evaluation and testing of the system. The emphasis is on creating a complete physical system that performs the desired function, no matter how ugly or hacked the physical system is. As always, do not underestimate the integration phase of prototype building. The theme of a Funktional Prototype was inspired by Handyman Corner on the Red Green Show, where many exceedingly funky creations were prototyped with duct tape, junked cars, and other crude means. For a classic example: The Hummerdinger.

Funky is functional-but-FUNKY.

That is, it demonstrates function, but may be cobbled together from a mix of materials (yes, even duct tape). But note that this is NOT a funky critical prototype; it is a funky system level prototype. This means the integration of elements in a system. Though it is not necessary to have all of the system operational, you should begin to think about integration. In particular, you can skimp on nonessential and „low-risk“ subsystems and components, as well as finishing and stylizing.

Source: Stanford wiki

Our Funky Prototype

Dark Horse Prototype

Definition of a Dark horse:
• a usually little known contender (as a racehorse) that makes an unexpectedly good showing;
• an entrant in a contest that is judged unlikely to succeed

The Dark Horse Prototype is focused on our „dark“ ideas at the edge of our design space. Once more: Think outside the box!

2018-02-01 (2)
Having fun building our Dark Horse Prototype

New Year, new energy!

After a christmas break with lots of food. Let’s start into the new quarter… We are very exicited about getting feedback from SAP.

So we are looking forward to the upcoming presentation at the SAP campus on Wednesday 10.01.2018.


Happy Christmas Brainstorming

As a conclusion to the last quarter, both teams were reunited for an organized brainstorming session. The teams were divided into smaller groups with two people in each subgroup, one from each team. Each group started with a problem statement and with putting some ideas on the board. The next group put some new ideas on the board inspired by the already existing ideas. Another group criticized the ideas. And the first one came back to its initial problem and thought about „Why is the idea still good given the critic?“.

This session was very good to get feedback to the existing ideas and new fresh visions about our challenge!

Thank you all for your participation!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


Fall Presentation

The first quarter is nearly over. A Fall documentation needs to be written as well as a fall presentation.

We learned so much, but we know there are still lots of open questions. We do not know yet where exactly our journey will take us. There are so many ideas, some are good, and some are really good. 😉


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