Funky System Prototype

Funk-tional System Prototype

What is a Funktional Prototype?

A FUNKtional prototype is one for which existing parts have been hacked and brought together in a manner that approximates a system without making a costly commitment to any one configuration, technology, or geometry. It is a low-commitment, rapidly assembled, concept prototype that still allows for objective evaluation and testing of the system. The emphasis is on creating a complete physical system that performs the desired function, no matter how ugly or hacked the physical system is. As always, do not underestimate the integration phase of prototype building. The theme of a Funktional Prototype was inspired by Handyman Corner on the Red Green Show, where many exceedingly funky creations were prototyped with duct tape, junked cars, and other crude means. For a classic example: The Hummerdinger.

Funky is functional-but-FUNKY.

That is, it demonstrates function, but may be cobbled together from a mix of materials (yes, even duct tape). But note that this is NOT a funky critical prototype; it is a funky system level prototype. This means the integration of elements in a system. Though it is not necessary to have all of the system operational, you should begin to think about integration. In particular, you can skimp on nonessential and „low-risk“ subsystems and components, as well as finishing and stylizing.

Source: Stanford wiki

Our Funky Prototype

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