CEP – Setup


Critical Experience Prototype – chosen Driving Question

How do people best receive instructions?

  • What is the best source for receiving instructions?
  • How does it feel to get commands from different sources?

We chose to focus on how a potential user best receives instructions from an assistive device. Fundamental to this project is understanding the experience of future users and  how they interact with assistive technologies. The modes of interaction explored were video, written messages, and audio. These ubiquitous, basic modes of interaction are highly intuitive, and capable of conveying large amounts of information in a short period of time.

Setup of experiment

In order to test the best method for a user to receive information, we decided to use a controlled environment for our tests. Therefore we used two identically, prepared apartments with the instructor in one and the subject in the other. The instructor (located in apartment A) relayed information to the subject through a handheld mobile device while, simultaneously, the subject’s (located in apartment B) point of view was streamed to the instructor. This allowed the instructor to lead the subject through a series of tasks via Facetime, while checking the subject’s current status and providing new instructions.

During the experiment we tested audio, visual and text-based instructions.

Video – Setup

In order to test the subjects response to visual input, the instructor filmed his own view as he walked around and completed each task. The subject repeats the tasks based on this streamed perspective.

Audio – Setup

In order to test the subjects response to auditory input the visual information was blocked and only audio was sent. The instructor still receives the subject’s point of view.

Text – Setup

In order to test the subjects response to text-based input both the audio and visual inputs were blocked, with the subject only receiving instruction via Whatsapp text messages.


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